The International Affairs Office is under the leadership of the dean. The office consists of one office director and two full time secretaries. The office is responsible for coordinating deans, directors, and the other offices of School of Management, responsible for organizing and implementing the internationalization strategy, dealing with routine issues on the international exchange and education programs.

The international affairs office duties and division:

1.  International Exchange and Cooperation

According to the Internationalization strategy of the school, assisting the Dean and Assistant Dean for international exchange and cooperation activities in terms of developing international exchange partners and projects, maintaining the international partner relationship , as well as the implementation of the school's international exchange arrangements.

Contact: Mrs. Wang Yasi         Email:     Tel: +86 592 2185020

2. Faculty International Exchange Programs and University Level Outgoing Students

Responsible for faculty international exchange program; responsible for the expenses reimbursement procedure of faculty international exchange programs ; providing consultancy for faculty going abroad procedures ; responsible for school’s outgoing students’ admission, selection and going abroad procedures.

Contact: Ms. Liu Yinyan      Email:          Tel: +86 592 2185020

3. Incoming Foreign Students

Responsible for incoming exchange students including admission, registration, accommodation, course selection and student life arrangement.

Contact: Mrs. Wang Yasi           Email:           Tel: +86 592 2185020

4. School Level Outgoing Students
Responsible for school level outgoing students, including student admission, selection, and going abroad procedure assistance.

Contact: Mrs. Huang Xiaoming     Email:       Tel: +86 592 2186311

Address:Xiamen University, Baoxinliying Building