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   Chaopeng Wu is the Professor of Finance in Department of Finance, and the Vice Dean at School of Management, Xiamen University. He received his Master and PhD degrees from Xiamen University. Sponsored by China Scholarship Council, he participated the joint training Ph.D. program in Department of Finance, Florida State University during 2007-2009.


   Professor Wu’s research interest is entrepreneurial finance, corporate innovation and corporate finance. He has published research articles in top finance and economics journals such as Review of Financial Studies, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, and Review of Economics and Statistics. His research has been featured in major media in U.S. and China, including the Forbes and New Fortune. He received numerous awards for research excellence, including National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars, National Prize of Outstanding Social Science Study, and the Best Paper Award from Financial Management Association International. He currently serves as an Associate Editor (Finance-track) of China Accounting and Finance Review.


   Professor Wu has taught courses in Corporate Finance, Venture Capital and Private Equity, Financial Market Research in the Bachelor, Master, MBA, and Ph.D. programs, and has received several teaching excellence awards.

2009,PhD in Finance

2004,Master in Finance

2001,Bachelor in Chemistry

August, 2013 to Present,    Professor of Finance

August, 2009 to July, 2013  Associate Professor of Finance

Research Interest: Entrepreneurial Finance, Corporate Innovation, Corporate Finance

Teaching Courses:

1. Venture Capital and Private Equity (MBA)

2. Corporate Finance(MBA)

3. Risk Management (Undergraduate)

4. Research Issues in China Financial Market (PhD and Master)

(The following data are extracted from SMXMU Faculty Research and Information System.)


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