Contemporary Accounting Review 2016 Academic Annual Conference and Ge Jiashu Academic Thoughts Workshop Was Successfully Held

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From November 26 to November 27, Contemporary Accounting Review 2016 Academic Annual Conference and Ge Jiashu Academic Thoughts Workshop, jointly organized by XMU’s Accounting Development Research Center and XMU’s Department of Accounting, was successfully held at Xiamen University. Prof. Li Jianfa, the deputy party secretary and vice-president of XMU, and Prof. Ye Jianming, the dean of SMXMU, gave the welcome speeches. Prof. Lin Zhijun, the dean of the School of Business, Macau University of Science and Technology, gave a keynote speech. Prof. Liu Feng, the vice editor-in-chief of Contemporary Accounting Review hosted the opening ceremony and the speeches, while Prof. Qu Xiaohui, the editor-in-chief, did a summary report at the closing ceremony. 68 experts and scholars from brother universities, such as Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Wuhan University, Nanjing University, Sun Yat-sen University, Jilin University and Jinan University, attended the conference. Teachers and students from XMU’s accounting department and relevant disciplines were present at the meeting too.

On the afternoon of November 26, Prof. Ye Jianming delivered the opening speech for the first part of the conference—Ge Jiashu Academic Thoughts Workshop. The speech honored the memory of Prof. Ge Jiashu and emphasized the importance of the inheritance of his academic thoughts. A great amount of academic and practical experts and scholars shared deep discussions about the topic. Prof. Huang Shizhong, the dean of Xiamen National Accounting Institute, explained the great significance and standing of Prof. Ge’s academic research. Prof. Lin Zhijun analyzed the profound influences of Prof. Ge’s academic thoughts. Unique, Creative and Pioneering Accounting Theories—Analysis On Prof. Ge Jiashu’s Contributions To Accounting Theory Development, authored by Prof. Zhang Wenxian, was delivered by his students, Prof. Fu Qi, from Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics. The paper discusses Prof. Ge Jiashu’s contributions to the development of the accounting theories from various perspectives and cited Zheng Banqiao’s poem lines to summarize his academic achievements, “However paltry, the wavelets on the lake reflects one thousand moons; However tiny, a grain of sand breeds ten thousand pearls”. Prof. Liu Feng hosted the workshop.

On November 27, Prof. Li Jianfa gave the opening speech for the second part of the conference, Contemporary Accounting Review 2016 Academic Annual Conference, and appealed to the academic peers to pay more attention to Contemporary Accounting Review, and expected the magazine to make greater contributions to the development and revolution of accounting in the future. Prof. Lin Zhijun made a keynote speech on “Establishing the Cost Management System of Enterprise Strategic Quality”. Based on enterprise strategies, Prof. Lin discusses the prevention, examination, appraisal and internal control failure of quality cost, the report and management system of quality cost, emphasizes the importance of enterprise quality cost management, and introduces its research and practical developments.

The conference selected 6 best papers from the submissions and made special reports and discussions. Valuable reviews and guidance were given by distinguished experts included, Dr. Li Qingyuan, from Wuhan University, Dr. Xu Liping, from Sun Yat-Sen University, Dr. Huang Zhizhong, from Nanjing University, Dr. Tang Feng, from Hongkong Polytechnic University, Dr. Zhen Zhen and Dr. Li Maoliang, from Xiamen University. The authors would submit their articles to Contemporary Accounting Review after revision and improvement according to the reviewers’ opinions and suggestions. The paper report and discussion work were hosted by Dr. Li Qingyuan, Dr. Cai Ning, Dr. Hu Jinshuai and Dr. Huang Bingyi from Xiamen University.

On the closing ceremony, Prof. Qu Xiaohui made a summary report on the Contemporary Accounting Review 2016 Academic Annual Conference. Prof. Qu pointed out the purpose of the magazine is to collect excellent original research papers and improve itself in academic quality. The conference only selected 6 papers this time to make sure there was enough time for reporting and reviewing. The reviewers were all young experts. Prof. Qu emphasized, Contemporary Accounting Review adopted strict international double - blind review procedures to guarantee its expertness and authoritativeness. He went on to state that Contemporary Accounting Review invited submissions and all the scholars’ participations. The magazine is aimed to be an influential platform for academic communication and the popularization of academic thoughts and ideas.

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