The Experience-sharing Panel Discussion of SMXMU’s Young Teachers’ Teaching Skills Competition

Author:wangyasi   Time:2016-06-29 15:53:34   Visits:   [ BACK ]

“The 10th Young Teachers’ Teaching Skills Competition and the 5th English Teaching Competition of School of Management” is approaching, and all the participants are making final preparations. In order to give the young teachers a better understanding of the contest to get them ready for the competition, Xudi, the deputy dean of School of Management in charge of undergraduate education, invited three teachers, Lin Lan, Wu Xiaoyi, and Qiao Zheng, who had won prizes in the 9th Young Teachers’ Teaching Skills Competition, to hold an experience-sharing panel discussion on the afternoon of May 30, in the conference room on the 3rd floor of Chengfeng Building.  The meeting shared valuable experience to the participants of the coming competition, and discussed all the tips that the participants should keep in mind during the competition in depth and in detail.

Address:Xiamen University, Baoxinliying Building