Nanqiang Academic Lecture—“Management Challenges and Capability Construction in Big Data Environment” by Prof. Chen Guoqing

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On the morning of November 28th, the 797th XMU Nanqiang Academic Lecture was held at Qunxian-2. The lecture was given by Prof. Chen Guoqing, EMC chair professor from School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University and the director of The Academic Board. His main research and teaching interests includes Information System Management, E-Commerce, Business Intelligence and Fuzzy Logic Application, etc.

The topic of the lecture was Management Challenges and Capability Construction in Big Data Environment”. Before the lecture, Prof. Li Jianfa, the deputy party secretary and the vice president of XMU, met Prof. Chen and awarded him a XMU Nanqiang Academic Lecture Medal. Prof. Xu Di, the deputy dean of SMXMU, hosted the lecture.

Prof. Chen was invited to give a lecture to share with XMU teachers and students the cutting-edge disciplinary development and research achievements in information management and information system. The lecture covered areas such as the strategic thoughts in the Big Data Era, the basic approaches on the technical level, and the latest research achievements. Starting from the discussion of the logic of the paradigm shift caused by the trend of technical evolvement, the lecture analyzed deeply the new problems in management decision making in the big data era. The technological revolution marked by big data, internet of things and cloud computing has led to the transformation of new computing paradigm, showing significant externalities and new centralized features. At the same time, many of the traditional business management in an institute have become or are becoming data-oriented management, and many of the business decisions have been made or being made based on data analyses. This means a paradigm shift to the panoramic management decision making of process-oriented interaction. In this context, the construction of a strong capability of business analysis and innovation is an important topic for academic research, knowledge learning and disciplinary development.

The 2-hour lecture was full of information, knowledge, profound ideas and thoughts, fully displayed the lecturer’s strategic vision, academic achievements and personal charisma, which left a great impression on the XMU teachers and students. Prof. Chen spoke in front of a packed house. There were even audiences from other universities and companies.


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