The 7th National University Student E-Commerce "Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship" Challenge--XMU Trial Wrapped Up Successfully

Author:kongfandi   Time:2017-05-16 16:09:07   Visits:   [ BACK ]

On the morning of May 6, 2017, the final of the 7th National University Student E-Commerce "Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship" Challenge--XMU Trial was held at J2-107, which was organized by XMU's Academic Affairs Office, Communist Youth League XMU Committee, and supported by SMXMU and XMU E-Commerce School Club.

There were generally 21 teams took part in the contest by presenting their entrepreneurship programs and answering the judges' questions. Combining theories and actual practices, through wonderful presentations, the contestants displayed to the judges their programs' marketing promotion, risk assessment, financial analysis and technical content. Also demonstrated were the students' abilities of network interaction, teamwork cooperation, project organization and development, which were qualities that were required for college students who want to set up their businesses and stay innovative. The judges pointed out the weak points in the students' presentations and provided suggestions. The exchange of ideas between the judges and the students greatly arouse the students' interest in entrepreneurship and stimulated their potential. In the part to integrate their programs with the real enterprise projects, the students' innovative consciousness, creative thinking and entrepreneurial abilities were both challenged and inspired. During the contest, the students fought to meet the requirements of the real enterprise projects, strengthened their abilities of real practices and entrepreneurship and gave full play to their talents. After a day of intense defenses, "Talent", "YuCheng Optimization Selection", "Inception", "Popcorn ", "Shome team", "Right-about-All", "Huo Huo", "Babebay babe", "Farseer ", and "Moonlight", ten teams stood out and would participate in the Fujian provincial contest and go for the national final on behalf of XMU.

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