Leaded by Mr. Guo Pei, The SCOPSR Delegation Visited XMU And SMXMU

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On the morning of March 9th, leaded by Mr.Guo Pei, the director of SCOPSR’s Department of Administrative System Reform, the delegation of State Commission Office of Public Sectors Reform (SCOPSR) visited XMU to make investigation and research on SMXMU’s “China Business Environment Research Center” and hold a symposium with all the members of the project “XMU Research and Experiments on the Evaluation and Optimization of China’s Business Environmental”. The delegation was accompanied by provincial and municipal government officials from institutions such as National Bureau of Statistics, Fujian Provincial Commission Office of Public Sectors Reform, Xiamen Municipal Commission Office of Public Sectors Reform, Xiamen Development and Reform Commission and Xiamen Municipal Administration Service Center, etc. Ms.Zhan Xinli, the vice president of XMU, Mr.Chen Wuyuan, the director of XMU’s Managing Department of Social Sciences, Ms. Chen Xueling, the general secretary of SMXMU’s CPC Party Committee and Prof. Ye Jianming, the dean of SMXMU, attended the symposium.

Ms.Zhan Xinli expressed warm welcome to the SCOPSR delegation and pointed out that since founded in 1921, based on its balanced disciplinary development and profound historical background, XMU, as one of the key universities of the National 985 Project, has rich experience in business studies and the school-enterprise cooperation. XMU had been providing talent and intellectual supports for the reform of the state administrative system since the 18th CPC National Congress.  With SCOPSR’s guidance and help, XMU hoped to make greater contribution to China’s  huge projects such as “the Belt and Road Initiatives”and the Comprehensively Deepening Reform.

Prof. Ye Jianming said that SMXMU had a unique advantage in the fields of social services and business integration. SMXMU, based on the research expertise and characteristics of its faculty, had built a business environment study team of 11 professors, associate professors, assistant professors, and 20 doctoral and graduate students. The team had completed the evaluation of the business environment in Xiamen in 2015, 2016 and Shenyang in 2016, which effectively promoted the improvement of the local business environments and gained full recognition by governments at all levels, enterprises and the whole society.

Subsequently, Prof. Xu Zhiduan, on behalf of China Business Environment Research Center, made a keynote speech on the project “XMU Research and Experiments on the Evaluation and Optimization of China’s Business Environmental”. She pointed out that, adopting the advanced areas of the world as benchmarks, the research group objectively, impartially, systematically and scientifically demonstrated the real business environments of China’s economic regions. Problem oriented, in accordance with the World Bank’s latest business environment assessment index system and assessment methods, the group put forward a systematic path to improve, optimize the business environment and ensure the comparability and science nature of the assessment results. Adopting questionnaire surveys, field visits and one-to-one interviews as main methods to ensure the objectivity and independence of the assessment results, the research group identified the problems for the regional economies, “provided the right medicine to the disease”, promoted improvements according to evaluation and  conducted evaluation while made improvements, to ensure the improvement of the examined business environment and the practicality and effectiveness of the proposed countermeasures. The research group actively explored, accumulated and perfected the index systems and evaluation methods that tally with China’s national conditions, and pursued the applicability and authority of the evaluation results.

Mr.Guo Pei highly appreciated the achievements the XMU research group obtained. He was delighted that the research was positively advanced with “clear goal and accurate methods”, which provided effective method guidance and intellectual support for SCOPSR and the reform of the government administration system. He viewed XMU’s research method, “in accordance with the World Bank’s index system and methods, overcoming the limitation and making up the deficiency ”, as a pioneering attempt at carrying out the project research and providing a useful reference for other universities’ research groups and SCOPSR.

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