EDP (Executive Development Programs) is high-end, non-degree training programs business schools offer to the society. EDP caters to the needs of individuals and organizations and provides them with complementary and forward-looking knowledge. Compared with degree programs, EDP can be the best choice for senior managers for continued learning, given its higher customization and greater flexibility as well as its emphasis on lifelong learning.

Supported by the faculty of the School, and integrating other social resources, such as professors from the reputed business schools home and abroad, senior management trainers, well-known entrepreneurs and senior government officials, the EDP Center combines advanced western management concepts with Chinese management practices and attains impressive accomplishments. XMU EDP is therefore praised as "The leading player in South China for comprehensive management training and Chinese Wharton for finance and accounting training."
The EDP Center not only runs open courses and in-house training programs for both senior managers and government officials, but joins with enterprises in building corporate business schools. Up to December 2011, the EDP Center has had more than 70 open classes, including Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Program, Capital Operation CEO Program, Real Estate CEO Program, Entrepreneur Sinology Program, Outstanding Career Woman Program, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Program, Human Resource Director Program, Chain Business CEO Program and Senior Manager Workshop. The in-house training clients include energy, chemicals, finance, construction, mining, electronics, telecommunications, food, clothing, and other industries.

In order to facilitate resources sharing and strengths complementarity among the participants, the EDP Center guides and supports them to set up the alumni association. With the tenet of "wealth, health and love", the alumni association provides a platform for communication and resources integration among over 5,000 entrepreneurs, which are rightly regarded as “the largest CEO club on the west coast of the Taiwan Strait”.

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