Introduction to  Student Affairs Office of School of Management

    Under the leadership of the party committee and administrative departments of the School, the Student Affairs Office is responsible for the day-to-day management of and services for all the students in the School, including students’ ideological education, party construction, scholarships, grants, loans, subsidies, school climate construction, outstanding dormitory construction, student employment, construction of student organizations and cadre teams, guidance for students’ recreational and sports activities, academic competitions, voluntary services and social practices.

    Focusing on the School’s goal of creating “a characteristic business school that is renowned in the world and first-class in China”, and regarding students’ growth and success as the tenets, the Student Affairs Office is dedicated to cultivating the sense of academic innovation, practical operation abilities, international horizons and sense of social responsibility of the students, strives to build the School into a practical and cozy school with a good academic atmosphere and rich recreational and sports activities, and plays a leading and exemplary role in the student affairs work in the whole university.

    The Student Affairs Office has an official website (, edits and publishes a journal named The World of Management, and owns the platforms including WeChat (XMUGYxsxczx), Sina Weibo (, Tencent Weibo ( and Yiban.

    Director of the student affairs office is Ms. Jiang Jiao.Tel:0592—2189270;

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Address:Xiamen University, Baoxinliying Building