Research Platform

The School has 8 specialised, high-quality research institutes and centres:

   1)   Institute for Financial & Accounting Studies (IFAS)

IFAS, the ‘985 Project’s’ sole Financial & Accounting innovative research institute, is committed to internationally recognised innovative research in Finance and Accounting. Since its founding in 2005, IFAS has attracted high quality faculty members from leading universities in the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, USA, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and mainland China. Their research has been published in such top international journals as Accounting Review, Journal of Accounting Research, Contemporary Accounting Research, International Journal of Accounting, Financial Management, Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Empirical Finance, Journal of Financial Research, Advances in Econometrics, and Applied Financial Economics.

   2)    XMU Data Mining Research Centre

XMU Data Mining Research Centre (DMRC) was established in 2006. The DMRC Advisory Committee, co-chaired by SMXMU’s Prof. ZHU, Jianping, associate Prof. MA, Shuangge and Prof. XIE, Bangchang, Taipei Medical University, has invited over 20 prestigious scholars from home and abroad, such as Prof. WU, Jianfu, academician of the National Academy of Engineering of America and Prof. WU, Ximing, Texas A&M University, to be its members. To better conduct social practice and serve the society, DMRC has also invited business elites to serve as research advisors. They include Dr. QIU, Xiaohua, chief economist of China National Offshore Oil Corporation, Mr. XUAN, Yongming, former Chairman of the Board of Macao’ Seng Heng Bank and Mr. XU, Jizhang, Chairman of the Board of Fujian Huatong Marketing Research Co., LTD.

Giving full play to interdisciplinary advantages, the DMRC is an interdisciplinary, integrated, open teaching and research institution established on integration of disciplines such as statistics, econometrics, quantitative economics and information management.

The DMRC has hosted several important statistical academic conferences in China and abroad, including, ‘International Symposium on Financial Data Mining’, ‘International Symposium on the New Development and Challenge of Statistics’, etc.. It has also undertaken over 30 national, provincial & ministerial, entrepreneurial & public projects  covering aspects of financial risk, data mining, data quality management, economy pre-warning and economic indicator system. In addition, DMRC members have published over 50 academic papers in internationally authoritative journals such as ‘Annals of Statistics’, ‘Biostatistics’, ‘Statistics in Medicine’, ‘Journal of Nonparametric Statistics’, ‘Annals of Applied Statistics’ and ‘Annals of Operation Research’.

   3) XMU Jin Yuan Research Institute

To implement the Strategic cooperation between Xiamen government, enterprises and XMU to accelerate Xiamen’s cross-strait financial center construction, in 2014, SMXMI co-funded the Jin Yuan Research Institute with Xiamen Jin Yuan Investment Group. Capitalizing on the historical opportunities of China’s free trade zone development, the XMU Jin Yuan Research Institute partners with free trade zones in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and elsewhere in the Mainland, as well as Hong Kong, Taiwan and S.E. Asia regions to compete with Tsinghua University PBC School of Finance and Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance. The Jin Yuan Research Institute is a higher education think tank with Chinese characteristics and international influence, a platform for international academic exchanges and base for S. China financial management personnel training.

   4) XMU Case Research Centre

In early 2008, SMXMU established the XMU Case Research Center (XMUCRC), an academic research institute specialized in management case research. Since its establishment, XMUCRC has compiled a huge library of Chinese corporation management teaching cases. Through case writing, classroom case teaching, teaching seminars and case teaching training, XMUCRC spares no effort to facilitate case application and dissemination in management education.

   5) Xiamen-Essex Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (XECEL)

SMXMU and the School of Entrepreneurship and Business, University of Essex, jointly established XECEL in April 2006 as a learning and research institute for entrepreneurial management. XECEL’s mission is to integrate worldwide achievements in entrepreneurial education and research, inspire entrepreneurial passion in the general public, develop entrepreneurial management capabilities, promote business growth, and build entrepreneurial economies.

   6)    Centre for Enterprise Strategy Studies

The XMU Centre for Enterprise Strategy Studies draws on School faculty members’ strengths to address impending theoretical and practical problems confronting corporate strategic management  and aspires to provide guidance to Fujian Province’s economic development by virtue of applying highly original research outputs in strategic management and relevant fields to practical purposes. In 2012, the Centre was awarded ‘Excellent Social Science Research Base in Fujian Province’.

   7)    Institute for Tourism Planning and Research

Based upon the academic expertise of the School and the Tourism Department, and with the support of municipal and provincial tourism administrations and well-known tourism enterprises, this institute serves as a research body integrating industry, education and research, and highlighting issues in the tourism markets of Fujian Province, Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

   8) Centre for Operations and Technology Management Research

Based in the Department of Management Science, the Centre integrates the School’s resources to:

    1) Seek key research grants in operations and technology management fields;

2) Publish quality papers in top-tier international journals;

    3) Resolve practical problems confronted by enterprises at home and abroad.

Address:Xiamen University, Baoxinliying Building