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 The Xiamen University business management discipline has a long history, the school in 1921 at the beginning of the establishment of business school. More than 90 years, Xiamen University School of management has become one of the most Chinese the size and competitiveness of the business school. In the 2003 assessment of the national business administration discipline, Xiamen University School of management ranked third. In 2007, the Department of Business Administration of Xiamen University was the first of the five national key subjects of business administration by the Ministry of education.. In 2011 October through the international business education AMBA certification, 2013 September through the EQUIS international certification.

 Relying on the strong support of the Institute, the center for professional development of Xiamen University School of management was formally established in November 2009, To provide the hospital full-time undergraduate students, graduate students, doctoral and master of Business Administration (MBA), master of Accountancy (MPAcc), master of Engineering (me), master of Tourism Management (MTA) etc. all kinds of students for career development and career planning guidance.

 The center is committed to providing different levels of training and skills development through various activities and providing rich resources.. Center specially set up the Advisory Committee of experts to guide our work, and hired a number of well-known domestic enterprises personnel director and senior managers as "College Students' career mentor", also under the jurisdiction of the student associations "College Students' employment and entrepreneurship Association", has been successfully held more than a influential brand activities, assist career development center to promote the employment of college students.

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