A Pioneer in China’s Management Education

1921  The Business Division established along with the founding of Xiamen University, one of the first institutions of higher learning in China to begin business administration education.

1986  Under the CCMEP Phase
cooperation agreement, Xiamen University launched its MBA Education Center

1987  Cooperated with Dalhousie University and Saint Mary's University in recruiting and educating the first business administration masters students.

1991  Authorized by the then Education Commission (now the Ministry of Education), Xiamen University became one of the first nine universities to recruit MBA students.

2000, the Centre for Account Studies (CAS) was approved by the MOE as one of the National Key Institutes of Humanities and Social Sciences Research Base;

2000, XMU’s MBA #6 in CNMESC’s Nationwide MBA Programme Quality Assessment;

2001, SMXMU sent 30 core faculty in 3 sessions to Newcastle Univ. for English training. ;

2002, SMXMU one of China’s first 30 business schools authorized to enroll EMBA students;

2004, SMXMU was one of China’s first universities designated to confer professional masters degrees in accounting (MPAcc) and Masters of Engineering in Project Management and Masters of Engineering in Logistics Engineering;

2004 SMXMU and ACCA (UK) Bachelor of International Accounting Joint Programme;

2005 Institute for Financial and Accounting Studies was established as China’s only 985 Project Innovation Base for Humanities and Social Science in accounting and finance;

2005, the CNMESC rated XMU’s EMBA programme as ‘excellent’;

2005 Business Week (China) ranked SMXMU 5th in ‘Top Business Schools’ list;

2005 SMXMU: began doctorates in management science and engineering. The School is now a comprehensive business school with academic degree programmes (undergraduate, academic master, PhD) and professional degree programmes covering complete disciplines.

2006, Started to provide Executive Education, now South China’s largest EDP provider;


2006, SMXMU adopted HBS’ model of business education; faculty trained at HBS in HBS-model case-based teaching and learning. Since 2006, SMXMU has sent 35 faculty to HBS for the ‘Programme on Case Method and Participant-Centred Learning (PCMPCL)’ and ‘Global Colloquium on Participant-Centred Learning (GCPCL)’;

2007, with HBS co-hosted Case Writing Workshop & Course Development Seminar (CWCD);

2007 SMXMU’s Business Administration recognized as one of five National Key Disciplines;

2008, Global MBA Leadership Programme in collaboration with Université du Havre (France), Inha University (Korea), and University of Rhode Island (US);

2009 introduced the SMXMU-Kellogg 1+1 EMBA joint programme with Kellogg;

2010 SMXMU designated to confer professional masters degrees in tourism administration;


2010, Forbes ranked XMU’s full- and part-time MBA programmes 9th and 10th, respectively, EMBA’s 9th place in ‘China’s Most Valued EMBA Programmes’, gave SMXMU the unique distinction of being ‘Only top 10 business school (on 3 counts) outside Beijing and Shanghai;

2011, the School responded to growing market demand for entrepreneurship by signing an agreement to become Babson College’s (USA) sole strategic partner in Mainland China and a member of Babson’s GCEE Forum. School Faculty are sent to participate in entrepreneurship education training annually and so far, 25 faculty members have been sent out;

2011, AMBA awarded 5-year accreditation to SMXMU MBA and EMBA programme;

2012, the International Centre for Education (ICE) was established in partnership with UIUC, offering the SMXMU-UIUC 1+1 joint masters programme in accounting;

2012, SMXMU co-operated with Richard Ivey School of Business, the University of Western Ontario, on a case writing and case teaching workshop.

2013, SMXMU was awarded EQUIS accreditation;

2013, MOE ranked XMU business administration as #3 in its national discipline assessment;

2013, SMXMU-ESCP (France) 1+1 Joint Masters Programme in European Business;

2013, SMXMU became a founding member of ACE Alliance;

2013, SMXMU began to combine undergraduate programmes into 1 BBA programme and recruit undergraduates in major discipline classifications;

2014, SMXMU recruited dual-PhD Dean YE from the U.S.;

2014 Global EMBA Programme with University of Edinburgh Business School, UK,; Desautels Faculty of Management of McGill University, Canada; Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, USA,; McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University, USA; Richard Ivey School, University of Western Ontario; University of Stellenbosch; University of Durham; WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management; Rotterdam School of Management; the University of Queensland;

2014, the School redesigned the postgraduate cultivation scheme and permitted master-doctor continuous studies and direct bachelor-doctor studies;


2014, the School established its Faculty Committee to be in charge of affairs such as faculty recruitment, assessment and promotion;

2014, the School joined OneMBA global network by replacing CUHK;

2014, the School gained AACSB Business School/ Accounting Programme Eligibility;

2014, Forbes ranked SMXMU’s full-time MBA 7th and part-time MBA 8th , and EMBA programme 8th in ‘China’s Best Business Schools of 2014’, SMXMU is the only school outside Beijing and Shanghai with 3 top ten programmes;

2014, FT ranked SMXMU open EDP programmes 53rd and corporate customized EDP programmes 46th globally (both were 2nd in China after CEIBS);

2014,Manager’ rated SMXMU 1st in ‘ China Management programmes’ Highest Student Satisfaction’ for 10 consecutive years;

2014, the School initiated the ‘Outstanding Talents’ plan (Faculty Reserves Bank Plan) which provides financial aid to 3-5 students to pursue doctoral degrees in overseas prestigious universities. After obtaining doctoral degrees, these students enjoy priority recruited to SMXMU. So far, 4 students have joined the ‘Outstanding Talents’ plan;

2015, FT ranked SMXMU OneMBA programme 34th globally;

2015, opened XMU Malaysia Campus (XMUMC), the only overseas campus by a China ‘985 Project’ university; SMXMU started sending faculty to teach at XMUMC;

2015, capitalizing on the establishment of Fujian Pilot Free Trade Zone, SMXMU played an active part in providing policy research and project consultancy as a think tank for government and corporations in the Free Trade Zone;

2016, XMU Co-funded the Jin Yuan Research Institute with Xiamen Jin Yuan Investment Group for financial research innovation and project cooperation to compete with Tsinghua University PBC School of Finance and Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance;

2016, SMXMU joined the QTEM Master Network.

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